School Song

" Let's all rejoice and sing with joy for the school we so revere And raise our hearts in thanks to God And Sing out in good cheer. Let's join our voices and sing along The glory and the praise of Stella Maris School So great to everyone so dear "

Chorus: " Stella Maris, we love to sing of you Alma Mater, allegiance to you Stella Maris we are so proud of you Long live our school Stella Maris "

" Here's to the school we dearly love A school we'll ne'er forget It opens up our minds to truth And love and fortitude. And helps us glean true knowledge From learning ample store. In work and play be honest and fair Thus joy and peace we share "

" So while with joy we celebrate And sing with voices clear. This song of Mary, the Star of Ocean To guide us, and be near And help us how to live each day In truth and sincerity That we may strive on life's pathway The love of God to spread. "